About Quali-Tech

Quali-Tech has carved out a name for supplying high-quality coatings for wood and metal surfaces since 1989. Our clients in the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors seek perfection through high-grade finishing. With establishments in Singapore and Indonesia, we specialize in providing you end-to-end service for all your coating needs…

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Highly Customized Products For Your Project Needs

Best-in-Class Quality

We soruce to provide the best coating from Italy.

Expert Technical Support

Extensive R&D and Technical team to support your project execution.

Premium Look & Feel

We bring out the gradinity of every grain under the surface.

Our Products

By Industry


Hotel lobby, hotel rooms, conference halls, lounges, poolside and restaurants

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Luxury Fashion Brands, High-end Cosmetics retailers, Jewellery and Speciality retailers, Restaurants

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Office spaces and conference rooms

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Furniture, Doors, Kitchen Fitting, Parquet Flooring, Panelling, Decking and Building Exterior

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By Varnishes


Cinema View more

Finishing for wall panelling, pillars, and walls of ticketing, waiting areas and theatres....

Luxury Fashion Storefront View more

Special effects finishing customized for luxury fashion retail storefront...

Cosmetics Retail Decoratives View more

Retail decoratives coated with chrome effect complementary to fixtures...

Luxury Watch Retail Outlet View more

Finishing for feature wall, display sets and other fixtures in the retail outlet...

Apartment Unit View more

Classy interiors of an apartment materialized to the owner's preference for an upclass look. Achieved...

Cafe View more

The grounded coffee-inspired ambience was created by the matching parquet flooring, dining sets, wall panels...

Office @ District 8 View more

Office at District 8. Our client completed the parquet flooring, wall dividers, and furniture of...

Bungalow View more

The wooden elements accentuates sophistication of the bungalow through the wall dividers, doors, building exterior,...

Landed Property View more

Landed Property in Singapore. Home owner specifies high-glossy finish for doors, bedframes and furniture....

Private Housing View more

Private housing was lined with different types of wooden flooring. Our client furnished the parquet...

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