About Quali-Tech

Quali-Tech has carved out a name for supplying high-quality coatings for wood and metal surfaces since 1989. Our clients in the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors seek perfection through high-grade finishing. With establishments in Singapore and Indonesia, we specialize in providing you end-to-end service for all your coating needs.

Quali-Tech not only has been supplying high quality coatings for wood and metal surfaces, but our specialization lies in providing technical expertise with top-notch color matching services. Our dedicated team also commits to solve, pre-empt and troubleshoot any execution issues faced by our clients.

Our clients are mainly in the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors. To them, premium coating and impeccable application are key components in achieving their final results. We work closely with Architects, Design Consultants, and Contractors from consultation to execution as to ensure their design ideals are materialized.

To stay on the leading edge of the industry, Quali-Tech constantly innovates to create novel artistic-effect and other special-effect finishing. Also, with the Tintometric System, we are able to achieve high accuracy and consistency in color matching over periods of time.

We ensure our products are produced with the strictest standard of EEC directive adopted in Italy. All products are formamide-free and free monomer TDI not more than 0.5%.


To achieve every aesthetical ideal through
the beauty of coating


Empowering our clients by providing unrivalled end-to-end service with the highest technical expertise and product quality